Mario Vidor



Mario Vidor

La nuvola perfetta ( The Perfect Cloud )

11 novembre - 31 marzo 2017

Inaugurazione (alla presenza dell'artista): venerdì 11 novembre 2016, ore 19-22.00

Luigi Di Gioia is glad to present La nuvola perfetta, a personal exhibit of Mario Vidor edited by Noemi Pittaluga.



“The simplicity of beauty and the beauty of simplicity are undoubtedly the fundamental aspects present in all artistic projects by Mario Vidor. In the black and white photographs  of  The perfect cloud series, the author catches a rural landscape which detaches itself from its real referent to become an imaginative scenery. The ability to create, through an almost cinematic framing, a dreamlike world, and suspended in an air bubble confirming the artist's stylistic consistency. If, in fact, work in two colors provide human presence only in massive environments to give space mainly to natural elements (snow, marine, mountain and river landscapes), the works dedicated to the nude, show intricate shapes sculptures, composed by the intertwined bodies of man and woman.

The author’s artistic maturity is also evident in the photographs from reportage shades that offer European cities architecture and exotic views of distant lands. Vidor images, even having a pure iconographic essence, allow sound suggestions to the observer where silence is the protagonist. The muffled sound of the trampled snow, the relaxing one of the sea waves suggest the unknown acoustic effect of a hypothetical walk through steam mountains.The pursuit of perfection, which is inevitably subjective to the engine of the artist's visual intuitions, brings peaceful and serene achievement of this truth. In the pictures dedicated to the clouds, which often manifest a look upwards, is revealed  the  acceptance of life’s fate. The meteorological phenomenon of condensation of water becomes a kind of positive manifestation of conscience that invites the viewer to face daily problems  floating in the daily atmosphere always a few inches from the ground." Noemi Pittaluga.


Noemi Pittaluga: “Black and white photography is often associated with the sphere of memory, even in your poetry, is that so? " 

Mario Vidor: “Yes, it's true; The black and white generally refers to memory. If we consider the thought of Roland Barthes in La camera chiara, we cannot but confirm this peculiar role of photographic language. Visual memory, compared to the one linked to the other senses ( smell, hearing, tactile and taste), is certainly the most immediate, the most emotional for me, and the world of communication is a witness. Now we live in a society where image is constantly present: the medium from television has been just the beginning of a dialogue based on an exchange mainly iconic. Today, smartphones, internet, social networks confirm how data and information, use above all image to spread new messages in each field. But photography for me is not only and in a specific way memory. When I shoot I immortalize a real moment which then over time inevitably becomes a flashback, mainly intimist, which brings to light a sensation experienced  in a specific place and moment of my life. "

N. P. “What is the difference meaning between the colored landscapes and those in black and white? "

M. V. “For me, the technical use of black and white means to transform something, a landscape I invented from time to time. Consequently what I create is never a representation of a real setting. "

N. P. “They seem, in fact, places of serenity where to escape, to hide in a protected space full of peace; Is it not?”

M. V. “My photographs are a meditation on life. Of course mind being complex, there are different moods  represented in my works ".

N. P. “What is the element that stimulates your attention before shooting? What is it that drives you to choose a particular image of everyday life and transform it into an artistic picture? What is the emotion you feel in this encounter with the world?”

M. V. “The element that stimulates my attention before shooting is a reflection of something that I have in mind and I try to complete it. I try to find a feeling, a thought, an image, intended in a total sense, that would be important to send as a message and the emotion I feel is not with the world but with the photograph itself. "



Mario Vidor (Farra di Soligo 1948) dalle prime esperienze pittoriche negli anni Ottanta, sposta la sua ricerca sulla fotografia,  focalizzando l'attenzione in due direzioni: l'indagine storico-scientifica e il linguaggio creativo. Alla sua prima pubblicazione Sulle terre dei Longobardi (1989), sono seguiti diversi altri volumi di fotografia, e alcune singolari cartelle foto-litografiche. Ha vinto molti premi: nel maggio 2003 ha ricevuto il riconoscimento B.F.I. dalla FIAF e nel 2014 il riconoscimento A.F.I. Ha tenuto numerosissime mostre personali (oltre 290) nelle principali città italiane e all’estero (Francia, Germania, U.S.A., Repubblica Popolare Cinese, Croazia, Austria, Slovenia, Canada, Russia) dove le sue opere sono conservate in importanti collezioni di musei e gallerie.


Noemi Pittaluga (Genova 1985) Laureata e specializzata in Saperi e tecniche del linguaggio teatrale, cinematografico e digitale presso l'Università La Sapienza di Roma; dopo un Master in Curatore museale e di eventi performativi dello IED, si sta specializzando in Storia dell'arte presso l'Università La Sapienza di Roma. Ha pubblicato il saggio Un'identità incerta tra vita e morte (Editoria e Spettacolo, 2012) e il libro Studio Azzurro. Teatro (Contrasto, 2012); dal 2010 lavora come curatrice indipendente e presso la Galleria Gallerati di Roma.


Mario Vidor

La nuvola perfetta

A cura di Noemi Pittaluga

Anteprima d'arte contemporanea (Piazza Mazzini, 27 - 00195 Roma - Scala A, terzo piano - Tel. + 39 06.37500282 - Fax + 39 06.37353754)

Partnership: Galleria Gallerati

Inaugurazione: venerdì 11 novembre 2016, ore 19.00 - 22.00

Fino al 31 marzo

Orario: dal martedì al venerdì 15.30/19.00

Ufficio stampa: Anteprima d'arte contemporanea, Galleria Gallerati

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