Massimo Siragusa - Teatro d'Italia

Opening: June 11, 2015 from 19:00
Anteprima d'arte Contemporanea - Rome
by Gianpaolo Arena


At the Gallery "ANTEPRIMA d'Arte Contemporanea" will be presented a photographic selection of the project "Teatro d'Italia" by the author Massimo Siragusa.  Sicilian photographer, who lives in Rome, but stateless because of his cultural formation, with an enormous intellectual spirit and curiosity, he exposed in various art galleries and international institutions and he won several major awards including four World Press Photo.


The works presented in this exibition expose pictures of antique and contemporary places, more or less known, like monuments, historical centers, churches, temples, villas, gardens, terraces and squares. So we get slowly introduced through the houses, the squares, the streets, the walls, courtyards, palaces, the arcades, the persons, the lights and the voices. We assist as observers to the unveiling of the public dimensions and the representative one , and in part of the private and the domestic one. With our sight we cross the spaces of the ritual, of the social relations, of the performance, of the culture.The city is the theatre of history and of his memory, the maximum creation and manifestation of the human civilation, the repertory of forms and shapes, and his scenery in literature, in politics, in his morality and of his thoughs. The reading of his traces, their accumulation and the settling of the contemporary city into the historical one make every formation of the city unique and strongly indentitary. Every comunity is it’s alive testimony of it’s own history, of it’s people and civilitation. Every one of them covers itself of his essential and unrepeatable features. Some signs of this various archeological experience show what every city was originally. In the eternity of those images we find again the greek polis and the ancient Etruscan cities, Rome and his own territory, the medieval town, the Renaissance, and the post-industrial society. The urban space and the social space determine the lines of force and the balance between the various parts, which redefines the soul of the city. The urban morphology was born and reborn thousands of times, deeply renewing itself and making it once again a very important past. The order of nature and the order of the culture live together harmoniously among the same streets where Virgilio, Dante, Ariosto were imprinting their steps. The red string wich unifies the Alps to Sicily is the beauty of the cities and the landscapes, the immmaterial values through which they revive the places of the soul and memory, the spaces of the communities, of the consciousness and the national identity. Beyond the holistic references and beyond the classic iconography, the viewer encounters a visual archive of plots, hypothesis and paths through which relationships are established and gives the right value of what we hold most precious. An ideal and metaphoric travel, a cultural itinerary with the geographic emotions of the Belpaese through visions, dreams and miths.


The images of Massimo Siragusa, born from the curiosity of discovery and from the desire for knowledge, are evocative, elegant, sophisticated and able to tell the space which is around us and the beauty of our extraordinary artistic heritage. And with them the story, the identity, the culture, the economy, life of Italy.