Gianpaolo Arena

Architect and photographer, he develops research projects on social and documentary themes and environmental issues . The interest in architectural representation has oriented his attention towards architectural photography,  urban landscape, the use of photography as a survey of the anthropized territory and towards relations of multiple identities that belongs and characterizes places and people. An important part of his photographic research is developed on modified
landscapes in different companies, industrial sites and in the business world.
Since 2010 he is editor of a magazine on  international contemporary photography called:  “Landscape Stories” with which he coordinates photographic campaigns in the territory, workshops, editorial and exhibition projects. Since 2013 he is the curator of the project “CALAMITA / À”, a platform of investigations and researches on the territories in Vajont.
My Vietnam was presented at the photographic festival “ F4_an idea of fotography” in Villa Brandolini, Pieve di Soligo TV in 2013 and at the” Photography Festival” in Padova in 2014. In 2013 he participated at the “The 10th Sao Paulo Architecture Biennale”, Brazil with “Latitude Platform” organization.